Fair Use Policy

This site is dedicated to the improvement of your educational experience, but the services that we provide are not intended to replace your own studies. Our services are merely an aid to the discovery and use of your own talents and ideas.


The quality essays, dissertations and assignments that we provide are not intended to be submitted as your own work; to do so would be counter-productive to your studies and against your academic institutions plagiarism guidelines. The bespoke model answers are themselves checked for plagiarism and are guaranteed to be unique, thus allowing you to use them as a basis for your own research and study. Use of the model answers will help you to look into your subject in greater detail and will enable you to develop a greater understanding, which will, in turn, significantly aid your revision for examinations.

How to Use Your Model Answers

  • All sources within the model answer are cited, allowing you to access high-quality academic material with which to formulate your own ideas.
  • The model answer provides an excellent template so that your own work will be thorough and well-presented.
  • Study of the model answer will enable you to develop your own thoughts and arguments by highlighting issues that you may not have initially considered.
  • Check your final work for plagiarism and ensure that the ideas presented therein are your own.
  • The model answer will carefully answer the question that has been submitted, so study it to check that you haven't missed any relevant points in your own work.

Although it may be tempting to merely submit the work as your own, we do not endorse this and is against our terms and conditions. Our model answers should be seen as just one of the tools that will enable you to get to know your subject and help improve the standard of your own submissions.