5 Ways to Tell if it’s Really an Essay Writing Service in the UK

When you’re looking for a UK-based service which offers essay writing help, it is really important to check they are genuinely located in this country before you commit to working with them. If that question brings a positive response, do further checks to be sure their writers are also native English speakers and genuine graduates from UK universities. The risk of not taking these initial steps is that you come out of the process with a piece of work of no academic value to you, but a bank account which is considerably lighter than before. Using a UK company is so important because you need writers who understand and have experience of UK university essay style and protocol and are capable of producing an amazing essay for you.

The advantages of choosing essay writing from a UK based company

If you need help with a piece of academic work and pay hard cash to make it happen, it should go without saying that in return you expect a service which is not just fast and value for money, but also produces a top quality product which fulfils the brief set and standard required. For UK students, the only way to make sure this happens is to concentrate on using a respected, UK-based, written academic content specialist. Here are the main benefits of making the right choice of an essay writing service in the UK the first time around.

The UK is home to many of the highest ranked universities in the world

Of course, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge are world-renowned educational institutions, as is the third-ranked UK university, Durham. London is the base for many excellent specialist institutions such as the London School of Economics, while the future king of England graduated from a Scottish university. The Government sets high academic standards for all British universities, so even those in smaller cities are respected and trusted.

Essay writers in the UK produce the best work

All of our essay writers in the UK have graduated from a UK university and this fact provides them with numerous advantages over writers who have not. These include a more complete and accurate understanding of UK academic norms for both content and style. The way in which a particular type of work is approached, referenced, and presented can differ quite drastically between countries, so if the work you pay for does not conform, it will be immediately obvious and impossible to ignore.

Another advantage of using only UK university graduates as writers is that they have a comprehensive understanding of what is expected from a piece of work on a particular topic, based partly on the type of work it is. This means the relevant approach and content is delivered ready for use. You will enjoy complete confidence, whether you requested an essay, report, research proposal, dissertation or work of another type. Some work requires visuals, other approaches may prohibit them, so rather than having to rework substandard content or be left unable to use a piece, it is absolutely essential to make sure it will be correct from the start.

Finally, our UK graduate writers are experts in their field, so they know which books to use as source material, and which journal and information databases are used for different disciplines. These are the invaluable skills that only a high-quality UK graduate writer can offer without extensive additional research and the risk of misunderstanding.

Language mistakes are not a concern

Regardless as to their abilities and good intentions, it is impossible for someone who uses English as a second language to produce natural and grammatically correct English 100% of the time. We only employ native English speaking UK graduate writers, who of course, have proven their excellent writing skills too, so you can be reassured that there will be no awkward phrases or unnatural grammar anywhere in your work.

Problems and concerns can be dealt with promptly and properly

In the nightmare scenario where that important essay or piece of other work you paid for is unusable, or at best needs some serious revisions, would you feel confident that any changes would be completed to the standard you need? Imagine if you requested a refund as the work was not fit for purpose – there’s no guarantee that a non-UK essay writing company will help you at all. An essay writing service in the UK, such as UK Writers Hub, takes its commitment to customers very seriously. In the rare event of your work needing amendments, or a refund request being made for any reason, we are happy to accept the responsibility and to act accordingly.


Unfortunately, there are some companies around who pretend to be from the UK but are actually based in other countries; they often employ non-native language writers with no real understanding of British expectations. It’s not always obvious that this is the case, as rogue companies may have UK or British in their name, or have registered a domain name using co.uk, or use a UK-based landline number which diverts calls through an answer-phone service to avoid detection.

So, before signing up with a company, look for these 5 key signs that they are in fact the genuine article.

1.      They have a UK bank account       

The account should be registered under their business name, or the name of their parent company. Ask them for the details so you can make a bank transfer. If they are not visible on the site, you will need the bank and account name, the sort code, and account number. You can stil decide to pay by credit or debit card later, but being given this information freely is a very strong sign they are really based in the UK since opening an account here from outside the country is very difficult.

Our business bank account details are:

Bank: Santander

Sort Code: 09-01-29

Account Number: 02189169

2.      They have a genuine UK landline number 

Since it is possible to have a UK number diverted to pretty much any other country, confirming that the details you have are genuine can take a little research. You can try ringing it, listening carefully for anything that sounds unusual. Is the dialling tone the same? Does it ring out as you would expect? In some countries, a ringing phone sounds similar to the UK equivalent of an engaged line. Also, note their office hours; are they normal for the UK? Does the person who answers have a UK accent? If there is background noise, are those voices speaking English? If you have any doubts, check the number on Google, as there are sites people use to record problematic phone numbers which may give you some more clues.

Our number is 020 3633 4245 and you will hear the normal ringtone and UK accents.

3.      The website is error-free and uses British English 

It’s almost impossible for a foreign company to produce 100% error-free English content, so there are usually signs on the websites of non-UK companies which give them away. You should see correctly structured and well-written content, with no typos, grammar, spelling or other errors. American English is usually quite easy to spot, as words like centre become center, and z replaces s in words such as organisation.

Ultimately you want to pay for high-quality work produced by essay writers in the UK, so even if the company is British you can be sure a messy website will mean an essay full of errors too.

4.      They are registered as a company in the UK 

Professional service companies should be registered with Companies House and anyone can search that site for free. Finding their details there is a positive sign, as not only are they operating officially, they are also subject to UK laws, which gives you some protection against possible fraudulent behaviour.

Our registered company name is Knowledge Link Solutions Ltd and our company number is 10278765.  Find our details at companies house http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//wcframe?name=accessCompanyInfo

5.      They have a fair but realistic pricing scheme 

Being competitive in a busy market is one thing, but an essay writing service in the UK which promises rock-bottom prices is unlikely to deliver top class work. They may be based overseas with lower outgoings, or employ non-native writers in a third sector economy; either way, it isn’t the service you are looking to use. However, this is also the case even if their writers are UK nationals, as the rate of pay would be too low to attract those with sufficient talent or pride in their work. A decent company charges enough to make everyone involved happy.

Our prices are competitive when compared to other UK based services, but they are also realistic.

Make the right choice

Save yourself the anxiety and disappointment of falling into a non-UK company’s clutches and choose UK Writers Hub from the start. We easily pass all these checks and are proud to deliver high-quality content from our hard working UK writing team.

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