6 tips on how to choose the best essay writing service

Life can be unpredictably busy sometimes, spoiling important plans and disrupting your schedule. Sometimes this is not too difficult to handle, but when you are a student with a deadline looming, even small annoyances can become real pressure points. If you find yourself needing some help to produce an all-important essay or dissertation there are plenty of companies online who will be glad to take your cash. How can you be sure that what they deliver is of any value? Are you prepared to risk getting back a piece of work that is riddled with mistakes, badly structured, or even incomplete?

Who benefits from using an essay writing service?

Every day millions of students dedicate their time to achieving a goal which will open many doors to them in the future. Some are free to devote their entire day to this task, with few distractions or pressures from other areas of life; others slot studying into the few free windows of time they can manage to save in a hectic week. Every student is unique, but every student is also likely to need some extra help at some point. This is where the benefits of getting that help from an essay writing service are obvious.

Popular reasons for seeking some extra help with a piece of work or dissertation include:

The parent/student overload.

Juggling the needs of a family and a home with studying means sometimes the ends get frayed and help is needed. This is especially true for single parents who may have less support within the household than others.

English is the student’s second language, or even the third or fourth!

Having that extra help to fulfil a challenging brief is a reassuring lifesaver for students in this situation. For example, graduate students may be unfamiliar with the way UK academic work is structured, or an undergraduate may find they need some extra support and insight into complex texts which were originally written for high-brow readers from another century.

Paid work gets in the way.

Even though having a part-time job and being a student is generally not a problem, there can be times, say with seasonal work, or unavoidable overtime to cover others, when the time to write that essay simply evaporates. Students who work on zero hour contracts often experience the same thing, needing to work when shifts are available can mean missing out on important information, or losing the time allocated to write an essay.

Out of time

If you can tick the ‘excellent time management’ box or not be fazed by a huge clump of deadlines within a few days of each other that’s great. On the other hand, if this kind of pressure triggers anxiety or you’ve left it too late to tackle everything, having a reliable source of help to hand is reassuring.

Needing support

In some cases, an essay writing service is chosen by students who struggle to get the academic support, advice or guidance they need from university tutors and staff. This could be due to confidence issues or time pressures, or a lack of adequate on-campus services. The reasons are not important, what matters is that in this situation they can get the help required.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to use this type of service, the chances are it’s connected to reducing the pressure and stress of your circumstances at that time. Sadly, making the wrong choice is likely to make your situation even worse, leaving you with a piece of work ranging from shoddy to completely unusable.

A risky business

If this happens and you don’t have the time and money to try another writing service, your academic performance may be at risk. Will there even be enough time to look for another essay writing service at this stage in the game? In this situation, you are risking such a lot, and facing so many difficult questions. You may have to try to edit and tweak the low standard work the shoddy company sent you, although the end result will likely still be pretty dire. Meanwhile, you’ve not only lost money paid out for an important service which didn’t deliver, you are risking at best looking like a weak student to your tutors, peers and family, at worst either affecting your final degree classification or in some cases not passing that year of the course at all.

How to identify a service that will give you the UK’s best essays

It’s entirely natural to go into panic mode at that moment when you realise you need to find the best essay writing service possible to help you with a particular piece of work. The clock is ticking, the pressure is building, so after a quick look online you choose a company who make all the right noises in their advertising and promise the earth – for a price. Then a short time later you are right here, facing disaster.

The good news is that anyone in the same position who takes a step back to do a little research before making any commitments can get genuine results, which deliver the intended positive outcome as promised. Skipping this stage, no matter how tempting at the time, puts you at serious risk of falling victim to a rogue essay writing service who care more about boosting their bank balance than producing top quality work for you.

As such, it really pays to make the right choice from the outset.   Here are six ways in which you can feel confident that you have picked the right provider, rather than a sub-standard one, (we’re sharing a few insider tips with you here!)

1.      There’s clear evidence it is a UK essay writing service

Look at the contact address, the phone numbers and even the style of language used on the website. It should use British English and be completely free of errors including typos, grammar mistakes and poor word choice. A reputable UK company has staff that understand UK essay writing styles, are up to date on research and hold degrees from British universities so they should be proudly announcing this from the start. Once you have established the service is a UK one there are further pointers below to ensure you choose the best essay writing service in the UK.

2.      They recruit the best people to write the UK’s best essays

Regardless as to who runs the company, it’s the writers who are responsible for the quality of your work. It makes sense that a good essay and dissertation writing service would only recruit writers with a flair for this work, so how much are you told about them? Their identity may not be shared, but their background should be. Writers from various disciplines should be represented to confirm that your specialism can be handled properly. Look briefly at their recruitment policies. How easy is it to find work with them? What kind of qualifications, evidence and experience are they asking for? Do you have to be a native English speaker? Here at UK Writers Hub, you can see the rigorous procedures we have undertaken when recruiting writers. https://www.ukwritershub.com/our-writers/

3.      There are unique, well-written samples on the site

A reputable essay writing service is proud of its writers and happy to show off their work. Does the style and content of the work displayed meet your expectations? Just to be sure, run a snippet of any samples through Google search to check the work hasn’t simply been ‘borrowed’ from another site. You can see our original samples here https://www.ukwritershub.com/our-writers/samples-page/

4.      The independent reviews are positive

Use both specific review sites and basic searches using the company name to get as much feedback as possible. Our clients are happy to discuss their experiences online, so forums, social media, and official feedback sites should all produce some useful information. You can see our Trustpilot reviews here https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.ukwritershub.com

5.      The website has trust signals

What we mean by this is significant signals on a website that when combined give you a bit more reassurance that you are dealing with a reputable company.

Secure Connection: A reputable company which takes payment online offers a fully secure website, (look for the green padlock and the https:// start to the URL), together with clear privacy policies are indicators the site is safe and secure

Payments:  Look at how the website takes payment, who is their online payment provider(do you recognise it) and do they have more than one payment option. With UK Writers Hub you can pay with your debit or credit card through PayPal. We also give you the option of making payment directly to our UK bank account.

Testimonials/Reviews:  Does the website have independent reviews from companies like TrustPilot and are they positive.

6.      Read their Website

How does the writing on their website read, look for grammatical errors or poorly constructed sentences.


You can avoid the stress, anxiety and guesswork involved in choosing a decent writing service by starting with the best. UK Writers Hub is an established, respected and professional service with genuinely talented writers. We are committed to producing top class dissertations and to providing the best essay writing service for each individual client.

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