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Writing reports is very different to writing traditional academic essays, and many people discover that they need professional help with report writing. If you’re finding it hard to complete your report assignment, UK Writers Hub offers a bespoke report writing service which can help you to complete your work and receive the top marks you deserve.

Because reports often require a highly focused approach and adherence to a somewhat rigid structure, many students find that they have not yet developed the analytical skills needed to write such a document. A high-quality report is one which is well-structured, logically ordered and clearly written, conveying all the necessary information to the reader in a succinct and precise fashion.

A business report which would earn top marks, for example, might follow a structure such as this:

Executive Summary

  • Why the report was commissioned
  • A description of the issues covered/not covered
  • The key findings and results
  • The conclusions and recommendations drawn as a result

Contents Page


  • A brief explanation of the report’s contents and what will follow

Main Body

  • Your research, which should be entirely founded on fact and analysis rather than personal opinion. Your work should be set out in ordered and logical sections and sub-sections which are easy for the reader to follow.


  • Should be linked back to the research presented
  • Highlight the main points
  • Include a clear summary of your key findings


  • Should be based upon the conclusions you have drawn
  • Suggestions as to what should be done, who should complete the recommendation and how or when it should be done
  • Should be based upon sound analysis of fact rather than personal opinion.

References and Bibliography


  • Your appendices should include any additional information too detailed to be contained in the main body of the report, such as statistics, tables, charts or illustrations.


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Report writing is a highly specialised skill which takes considerable practice to master successfully. The writers working with UK Writers Hub have all been carefully chosen for their abilities in this discipline. They are able to work to any brief you provide in order to create unique reports entirely tailored to your assignment. For help with report writing, why not get in touch today.

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